Important Drop-off/Pick-up Rules

I hope you have taken the time to read the “Principal’s Perspective” portion of the December 7th issue of the Sunriser newsletter, in which Mr. Hale discusses important pick-up/drop-off procedures at Sunrise.

To summarize the rules:

  • All drop-offs and pick-ups need to occur at the flagpole where we have our valet service to assist. Not up top, at the north end of campus where the buses are, and not along the sidewalk leading to the flagpole.
  • If you are walking your student to or from school, use the crosswalks where we have safety patrol waiting to assist you.
  • Please take into consideration that once someone stops and lets their child out before the flagpole, then everyone behind them thinks it’s OK and does the same thing.

The patrol members commented that things would go more efficiently if:

  • Backpacks were with the student and not in the trunk
  • Our student passengers were sitting on the right side next to the door, so they could hop
    right out (or in) quickly
  • The closer you get to 8:45 the longer the line gets. So try getting to school a little earlier, or
    just realize it’s going to take a few minutes when the line is long, and please be patient. We’re
    working as quickly as we can.

For those who walk to school:

  • Please use the crosswalks. Our patrol members have seen kids dart right out into traffic because they have seen their parent disregard the rules and figure they do not have to use the crosswalk to get across either.

If you have any questions or concerns about this issue, don’t hesitate to contact us.
Email Laura Mackenzie at:

Thank you for helping keep our children safe!

Your Sunrise PTA

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