PTA Reflections Art Competition – The Magic of A Moment – Results Are In!

RESULTS are in!

Once again Sunrise students had a healthy showing of art for this competition and also once again, the standard of art was amazing!  The many interpretations of this theme showed how much thought each student had put into their projects and it was lovely reading some of the Artist Statements.

Being a competition, unfortunately, not all artworks could be chosen to represent Sunrise at the School Board level, and after some very difficult decision making on the part of the judges, the following student works were selected:

Visual Arts:
Megan Tracy – First Breath
Ty O’Brien –  I went on an elephant ride
Yeju Kwon – Jessica and Yeju
Emily O”Brien – The Booming Fireworks
Hannah Mead – Magic in Flight
Rachel Aiken – Magic of the Night
Ian Kappelhoff – The Epic Battle
Allison Horn – Friends and Nature
Eric Foran – Will it be the Winning Goal
Dhruv Naik – The Sun’s Wonders

Vivien Sorosy – POP!
Colin Companion – A Spotted Owl Spotted
Karissa Mohr – The Morning Dawns

Kate Companion –  The Magic of a Moment
Lauren Anderson – Canvas
Carley Johnson – The Moment I got my Cat

Musical Composition:
Joshua Conlee – Birds in Flight

Congratulations to these students and also a big thank you to all the participants this year – they are as follows:

Chloe Wall
Jada Brandon
Duncan Arnold
Ruby Benson
Victoria Pavlovska
Brian Cao
Kareem Khalid
Alicia Tracy
Anita Macagno
Ansel Higgins
Natasha Priss
Lindsey Larsen
Caroline Horn
Noor Khalidi
Ella Robinson
Humza Ghouse

All participants will receive a certificate and winners will receive ribbons and possibly medals if their art work is chosen from the School Board level to move to the State Competition.  Wish them luck – there are some strong contenders!!
Awards ceremony to be decided!  All competition art work will be displayed at the Sunrise Art Night which will be held March 19th, 2013.  (If your student would like their art back before that date – please contact Debbie Kappelhoff at!

Thank you and see you next year for the 2013-14 Reflections Competition – theme as yet TBD!!


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