Art Night Thank You!

The Sunrise PTA would like to thank everyone for all of their help making Art Night another fun Sunrise family event. Thanks to all of the kids who did the art this year and performed music–your creativity is inspiring! Thanks to the many art docents who help introduce the Sunrise students to new artists and the processes used to create art. Thanks to the families who took the time to see all of the art and mingle with each other. Behind the scenes, thanks to the moms, dads, kids and staff who volunteered their time to put this magical night together. It couldn’t happen without you. We especially want to thank the incomparable Kris Bien, and her husband, Chris Bien who added professional touches; Kathy Ragan and the Super Art Night Planning Committee who spent months planning this event: Tomoko O’Brien, Nicki Foran, Cristy Owen, Ema Serpi, Sharon Hochberg, Jean Tracy, Eva Sorosyne, Debbie Kappelhoff, and Angie Zappone. These talented women made it fun and were inspirational. We greatly appreciate all that you have done to make Art Night and the year long art docent program a success.

Thank you to our wonderful teachers and staff here at Sunrise. Year after year we are amazed and grateful to them for giving of their time in this way. Most of these volunteers have participated every year since this event began, and their support and generosity is such a gift to this community: Mrs. Arnold, Mrs. Stewart, Mrs. McCurry, Mrs. Spong, Mrs. Gaugl, Mrs. Watson, Mrs. Darling, Mrs. Nelke, Mrs. Hanrahan, Mrs. Halleran, Mrs. Sepessy, Mrs. Heimbigner, Mrs. Cordray, and Mrs. Ryberg, John Cruickshank, and Steve Moeck who kindly moved art flats and of course, Mr. Hale, the principal who didn’t say no. Thank you to all of our event volunteers who helped with set up, worked with our kids to create fun art projects, read books and sold all of the delicious goodies that raised more than $400 for our Art Docent program–thank you so much!

Katie, and Jimmy Ragan, Laura and Emma Perry, Gabi Priss, Jane Talley, Micha Horn, Lindsay Rogers, Jeni Jordan, Jenny Mareno, Cynthia Feeney, Tiffany Schumacher, Erin Drayer, Emily, Ashley, Lily and Bruce Willson, Natassja Smigelski, Maureen Lucido, Amy Bendotti, Melinda Haeffele, Jennifer Zhang, Julie Johnson, Shelli Rossow, Colleen Tyler, Wendi Meier, Yuko Okamoto, Yeunsil Lee, Wendy Fagan, Stephanie Hopkins, Suzanne Kingsley, Stephanie Szot, Melissa Conlee, Maureen Lucido, Kim Lindstrom, Sandy Rogers, Kelly Wimsatt, Jen Iem, Jane Jessen, Heather Hoskeer, Geraldine Asher, Elena Payanen, Caroline Miller, Beth Park, Beth Freeman-Hansen, Beata Jannova, and Aihua Zhang, Jana Dunajska, Janeth Nelson, Julie Johnson, Kelly Wimsatt, Rie Takagi.

Thank you to outside sponsors: Craig van den Bosch from the Seattle Art Museum, Promise, Starbucks, PCC, and Tree Top Toys for donating art supplies for the raffle, Jo Broadbent from the United Kingdom, and a bunch of kindness websites.

When there are so many people involved there is always the danger of forgetting someone. If for some reason you are not on this list, please know your contribution was truly appreciated.

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