Let’s Send Mrs. Juenger to NHD Nationals!

UPDATE: We’ve reached our goal! Mrs. Juenger is going to NHD Nationals! Thank you Sunrise Parents!!!

As you know, our 6th grade students all did a fantastic job this year with their National History Day projects, with 20 students attending the regional competition, and 5 advancing to the state competition. Now, after winning 2nd place at the state competition, Sunrise 6th grader Brenden Rogers will be competing at the national level in Washington, DC, June 9-13th.

Mrs. Juenger has put an incredible amount of time and energy into making this happen. An NHD project is a huge undertaking for a 6th grader, and Mrs. Juenger has been there every step of the way, inspiring all of her students to do their very best. The results speak for themselves!

We think Mrs. Juenger deserves to attend NHD Nationals. Not only will she be there to support Brenden, she will receive invaluable training for future NHD competitions. We are asking Sunrise parents to consider making a donation to help with Mrs. Juenger’s travel expenses. Donations can be made via Paypal at: http://sunriseparents.org/fundraising/nhd.

Your donation will go directly to fund Mrs. Juenger’s travel costs, which will come out to $1200. Any amount you can contribute will be greatly appreciated (and don’t forget to request an employer match for your donation!)

Any questions on this fundraising effort can be sent to Jen Guadagno.

Sunrise PTA

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