Explain to me… What is the PTA?

It is you – we hope – and your fellow Sunrise member families.

It is Sunrise parents working in association with Sunrise teachers and staff to make our children’s educational experience a good one. Grandparents, other relatives, good friends can all become members supporting the PTA which in turn means we all are supporting our kids. And that is the Sunrise PTA’s guiding principle: It’s for the kids.

Our mission at the Sunrise Elementary PTA includes:

  1. To act in accordance as a local unit of the national PTA to support and advocate for improving education, health and safety for all children
  2. To act in accordance as a gathering of Sunrise families and staff to specifically support, advocate for and enhance the education of our kids while they are students at Sunrise

The PTA currently works to improve our students’ time at Sunrise by providing:

  • Materials to support kids and teachers inside and outside the classroom (books, instructional tools, computer keyboards, the emergency container and playground equipment)
  • Social activities to help foster community and help build friendships and fun memories
  • Outreach programs and discussions to help our kids better understand each other and those outside of their immediate community


To do so, please contact: Alison Van Den Heuvel or Maureen Lucido.

Thank you!!