New Winter Session Art Classes!

These are ongoing classes, open to new and returning students, and projects are not repeated. The program is process oriented and designed to enhance your child’s enjoyment of art and creative expression.  The emphasis in the program is to acquaint children with various materials, and to develop skills, thereby enhancing their self-esteem in regard to their creativity (in a technique-based, sequential-learning program, similar to piano lessons). Children will have an opportunity to explore their creativity through a variety of materials including pen and ink, watercolors, acrylics, pastels, clay, and plaster. Drawing techniques are incorporated in these classes as well as painting and sculpting techniques. All supplies are included (with one exception—a $29 fee for a bronze casting project) Registration ends January 2! Registration after this date will incur a $10 late fee, rather than $5.

Session Dates: Thursdays, (Jan. 3rd – June 6th) or Fridays, (Jan. 4th – June 7th)

Time: 3:15-4:15pm (ages 5-8), or 4:30-5:30pm (ages 9-12)

Cost: $262.50 (Thur.), $237.50 (Fri.) full semester commitment (plus $5 registration fee)

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